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Dancing On His Heart, Living In His Heart, abby/henry/trish, R

Title: Dancing On His Heart, Living In His Heart
Words, Rating: 1248, R
Pairing: Abby/Henry/Trish
Summary: But you can’t always trust that the person who lives in your heart has you living in theirs...
Warnings: Violence.
Notes: I have no idea where this came from. Sort of told like a fable.

(Dancing On His Heart, Living In His Heart)
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island of shells and bones (harper's island/jurassic park) pg-13

Title:  island of shells and bones
Fandom: Harper's Island/Jurassic Park
Characters: Ensemble
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers/Warnings: Not really any spoilers, because it's very obviously AU. No serial murderers here -- just dinosaurs. Rated for blood, death, gore, velociraptors, and language. Also, this is crack -- did I mention the DINOSAURS?
Disclaimer: I don't own Harper's Island. Title/lyrics (in italics) are from "What People Are Made Of" by Modest Mouse.
A/N: I was watching Jurassic Park over the weekend and this plotbunny just...happened. Please don't ask me why there are dinosaurs on the island, because I don't have a good answer. They are there to kill and maim and destroy. That is all.

Summary: 3 drabbles, each focusing on a different set of characters as they try and survive the night.

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